Frequently asked questions

  • What is Fair Wear and Tear ?

    When you return a vehicle to the leasing company it will be assessed for any possible damage or missing items (like the spare keys to the vehicle being missing for example) as this may affect the resale value. The damage assessment process is purely to compensate the leasing company for any loss against what they had hoped to sell their vehicle for. They may not necessarily carry out any damage repair they find, but when they sell their vehicles, they know they will receive less cash if sold in a poorer condition than they had anticipated.

    Most reputable leasing companies are full members of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Vehicle Leasing Association) and adhere to their code of practice when assessing end of contract damage. All the car and van finance partners on are full members.

    The vehicle leasing industry uses both images and text for every aspect of a vehicle's condition and the BVRLA sets an industry standard based on the following items.

    - General appearance, documentation and keys.

    - Paintwork, vehicle body, bumpers and trim.

    - Windows and glass.

    - Tyres and wheels.

    - Mechanical condition.

    - Vehicle interior.

    - Equipment and controls.


  • How does this site make money ?

    The site earns £20 each time a complete business contract hire lead is completed, and £10 for each personal contract hire lead. We keep the fee low and only charge once per visitor. By keeping these fees low, there is a good chance that you will find the best overall rates available. 

    Revenue also comes from advertising where we aim to prioritise those related to cars and finance. The advertising should not be intrusive and has no impact on the central content.

  • How do you choose which provider to show at the top of the list?

    All our search and selection results list the available rates in order of price, with the cheapest first. These are real rates. Please contact us immediately if the supplier tells you that the vehicle is not available, or that the price has increased. Sometimes there may be a few days at the end of a quarter when the old rates have expired and the new rates are not yet available.

  • PCH or BCH?

    Business Contract Hire (BCH) figures look cheaper than Personal Contract Hire (PCH) for two reasons:

    1. The BCH figures are shown net of VAT, where as PCH figures include VAT at 20.0%. The BCH figures are shown without VAT since VAT registered business will be able to reclaim some or all of the VAT.
    2. Comparing PCH and BCH on a net of VAT basis, you may find that some finance providers have lower figures for business because the risk factor is perceived to be lower. Any difference needs to be justifiable. For instance under The Supply Of New Cars Order 2000 it is unlawful to use different levels of discount on car purchases by fleets and dealers.

    BCH deals are for companies, and our finance providers will usually insist on a full year of trading with accounts filed at Companies House in order to qualify.